Ministers who have served as pastors at Mt. Pisgah UAME (alphabetically listed):

Records indicate the first Union church was organized as early as 1813, near an area called Welsh Tract.  It was the third Union church located in the Buck Bridge area.  It was called the Union African Church of Welsh Tract.  This Church was built before the C & D Canal.  In fact, some of the men of the church worked digging the canal while their wives prepared and brought them food.

On February 28, 1868, the church's name was changed when it was incorporated in the Union American Methodist Episcopal Conference.  It was then know as the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church of Welsh Tract.  With the new name came a new church, one that was built in 1870 and remodeled in 1914.  On December 27, 1933, the church's name was changed again... Mount Pisgah UAME Church arrived.  


Mt. Pisgah UAME Church

Presiding: Rev. E.V. Fews
 Rev. A. Brown
 Rev. A. Smith
 Rev. A.E. Miller    
 Rev. B. Truxton
 Rev. B.H. Barkley
 Rev. B.T. Ruley
 Rev. C. Llyons
 Rev. C. Nicholas
 Rev. C. Randolph
 Rev. C.E. Ringgold
 Rev. C.R. Bayard

Mt. Pisgah UAME Church
Union American Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc. Members

as told and recorded by church elders from historic documentation & records.

Mt. Pisgah UAME Church
Old Summit Bridge Road     ***    P. O. Box 303
Middletown, DE 19709     ***   (302) 378-2764

 Rev. L. Rideout, III
 Rev. M. Jackson
 Rev. M. Young (Associate)
 Rev. P.L. Neal
 Rev. R. Jackson
 Rev. S. Frisby
 Rev. T. Henry (Associate)
 Rev. Tyrone Gilliams, Jr.
 Rev. W. Hackett
 Rev. W.B. Pennington
 Rev. W.H. Billingsley
Rev. S.  H. Elam

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 Rev. Dr. H.J. Robbins, Jr.
 Rev. F. Cephous
 Rev. F. Dickerson
 Rev. G. Goodwin
 Rev. G. Murphy
 Rev. H. Lewis
 Rev. H.B. McIntyre
 Rev. I. Watson
 Rev. J.J. Parker
 Rev. J.S. Matthews
 Rev. K. Harrigan
 Rev. L. Johnson


Mount Pisgah UAME History

 The federal government purchased the old site on the northern side of the canal , because they needed to expand the canal waterway.  With the assistance of the Bishop P.A. Boulden, the pastor and the church officials negotiated with the government.  When both sides were satisfied, the arrangement for the purchase of the church and the property was completed.  A new site was acquired on the southern side of the canal, a short distance from the old Buck Bridge.  

When the new church was built, the cemetery of the old church was moved.  With loving care and the utmost respect, the remains of those long departed loved ones were placed in a new cemetery located at the rear of the new church.  The 'new' Mount Pisgah Church was said to be one of the most beautiful rural churches in the state with a serene and peaceful atmosphere.  It is one of the oldest Black churches in the State of Delaware.   Mount Pisgah's family will celebrate the church's 200th birthday in the year 2013.   HALLELUJAH!